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ASBCC Announces Special FedCon Optimize Session Prior to Fall Summit

Vikki Hawthorne, ASBCC National Director | Supplier Development has announced that The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce will hold a half-day, “FedCon Optimization Workshop” in Washington, DC on October 19, 2016 — the day prior to the National Small Business Federal Contracting Summit (October 20, 2016).

This special workshop is for firms seeking to maximize their access to federal contracts. 

This session provides you with our comprehensive FedCon Optimization process to ensure your business is prepared to do business with the Federal Government. Each step will focus you to strategically and tactically optimize your specific business for targeting the requirements and expectations of buyers, contracting officers, program managers and other acquisition personnel whether directly or indirectly related to the federal government contracting process.

FedCon Optimization ensures that you have covered all the bases before you approach federal acquisition team members. Understanding all aspects of government contracting saves you time, streamlines your process and puts you on the fast track to access federal contracts.

Whether you are new to federal contracting or a seasoned expert, FedCon Optimization will position your firm in the federal marketplace. By Fine tuning your messaging and ensuring your marketing process is efficient, you will heighten your access to contracts.

We strongly recommend small business federal suppliers add this half-day workshop to their plans.