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BidMatch Profile Creation

BidMatch Profile

This form is for new BidMatch participants to assist with the setup of the search. [Eligibility: The BidMatch program is exclusively for ASBCC Supplier Members who have paid a one time $110 setup-fee.]
  • Provide a brief description of the products and/or services you provide. Please focus on those products/services you are interested in selling to the government.
  • If you do not know your Product Service Codes (PSC) and/or Federal Supply Codes (FSC), please look them up here. List all that apply.
  • Please select all areas of interest for searches.
  • Check the data sets you would like searched.
  • Geographic Restrictions

  • Or, list the specific state(s) in which your firm provides SERVICES.
  • Or, list the specific state(s) in which your firm provides PRODUCTS.
  • Keywords

  • Please list any words or combinations of words that describe your product/services, phrases, acronyms, competitor's names, manufacturer's names, part numbers, national stock numbers, CAGE codes that you wish to include in your searches.
  • The BidMatch team will utilize the information you provide in this form to setup your search and notifications. Once your notifications/searches start, if you find that certain bids are being received that don't match your products/services, we can make a list of words to exclude so you don't receive those. For any adjustments, please contact the chamber support team.